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  • 3 July 2019 | SEF detains at Lisboa Airport four passengers with false documents

    The Immigration and Borders Service (SEF) has detained, at Lisboa Airport, four foreign nationals in possession of false travel and identity documents, trying to travel to Toronto, Canada, and Frankfurt, Germany.

    Three of the passengers were travelling together – father, mother and daughter – to Toronto. At the border check they have presented false documents, issued by Austria, such as the citizen card, driver's licence and an ordinary passport.

    The other passenger, trying to travel to Frankfurt, has presented a false citizen card issued by Portugal. During the personal interview, it has been detected that the foreign national had in his possession an Indian passport.

    All false documents have been handed over in court, together with the detainees.

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  • 28 June 2019 | SEF 43rd anniversary

    The Immigration and Borders Service (SEF) commemorated today its 43rd anniversary, on a ceremony presided by the Minister of the Interior, Eduardo Cabrita.

    On this session, SEF presented the Report on Immigration, Borders and Asylum (RIFA) 2018, on an analysis to the statistical data of the foreign population living in Portugal.

    During the ceremony, the launching of the Smart SEF ID pilot project was presented as well, a tool allowing the creation of a digital identity for university students for the renewal of their Residence Permit. It is an innovative project, in partnership with the University of Coimbra, which will allow a digital full procedure for the renewal of the Residence Permit for university students. The creation of a digital mobile entity for foreign university students is produced through the mobile application and the use of registry kiosks available at the Universities accredited for that purpose represents a step further in SEF towards the administrative modernisation.

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  • 26 June 2019 | Man detained by SEF remains into custody for assisting unlawful immigration

    ?The Immigration and Borders Service (SEF) has detained, at Lisboa Airport, a foreign national from Dakar, Senegal, on suspicion of trafficking in human beings. He was brought before the court yesterday, and the pre-trial detention for attempted assisting unlawful immigration and forgery of administrative documents has been decided.

    The 27-year-old man was travelling with a woman which he has identified as his wife. The alleged couple raised suspicions when has showed the travelling documents to SEF inspectors, by which the cooperation of the Document and Expertise Identification Unit Service has been requested. After a thorough analysis, evidences of document fraud have been confirmed.

    In addition, a summary analysis to the defendant's mobile phone has been made, and some data related with the crimes at hand have been checked.

    It should be noted that the “modus operandi" of the assisting unlawful immigration and of the trafficking in human beings are similar in many aspects, which makes difficult to distinguish between the two types of crime.

    It may not be possible to differ trafficking from assisting until the step of transportation/accompanying has ended and the exploitation stage has begun.

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